BraunAbility Rear Entry Van

The BraunAbility rear entry van , provides wheelchair users with safe and comfortable travel in a vehicle they can enter and exit with ease. With the rear entry access point, wheelchair or scooter users can enjoy the freedom they deserve to travel when they want, where they want.

The BraunAbility rear entry offers many top-of-the-line features:

  • The rear-entry design eliminates many parking limitations and difficulties– built on Dodge or Chrysler minivans — can be equipped with a power ramp and power hatch or a manual light-weight ramp that is easy to fold in and out.
  • The fully automatic conversion operates with the touch of a button, using a key fob, handheld remote or dash-mounted switch. When activated, the rear hatch opens, the ramp unfolds and the vehicle lowers into a kneeled position to provide a lower ramp angle for the wheelchair or scooter user.
  • The rear entry with a manual ramp and hatch is perfect for commercial use or for those wheelchair or scooter users who will have an attendant with them. The attendant simply opens the rear hatch and then folds out the spring-loaded bi-fold ramp.
  • The rear entry conversion offers many different seating options. It can accommodate up to six ambulatory passengers (with an optional flip-down rear bench seat) and one wheelchair user, or it can be equipped with four ambulatory passengers and two wheelchair users.  It can also be equipped with an optional transfer seat in the driver or front passenger position.