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Wheelchair Restraints

Southern Bus & Mobility takes great pride in our ability to provide a wide variety of wheelchair restraint solutions for our customers. There are three types of systems commonly used to restrain wheelchairs and occupants when they are traveling in a vehicle. Southern Bus & Mobility offers products in all three categories from industry leading wheelchair restraint manufacturers.

Our wheelchair restraint options are all selected with your independence in mind. It is our goal to provide you with a personalized solution that optimizes your confidence and freedom regardless of physical capability. We’ve outline some of our product options below, but our team will be happy to work with you to identify which wheelchair restraint solution is a best fit for your unique situation.

Individual Brands

The EZ LOCK System

For those who rely on their wheelchair as seating in their vehicle; the EZ Lock system is the absolute best solution for travel safety and security. The EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System easily secures a wheelchair to the vehicle floor; saving you both time and effort. Even better, the automatic docking base allows the user to lock the wheelchair into place without the assistance of others. No more struggling to cinch the straps down; no more hassle. We do our best to make it easy for you to meet your mobility needs; whether you’re driving or just enjoying the ride.

EZ Lock is perfectly suited for both wheelchair seated passengers and drivers. In fact, no other adaptive device provides for more freedom of mobility, or enhances the user’s overall level of independence, than the EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System does.

INQLINE Rear-Entry Winch & Retractor System

The ideal solution for both
passenger onboarding and passenger securement

INQLINE is a fully tested, fully-integrated, heavy-duty winch and restraint system that features dual automatic retractors that double as front tie-downs. The patent pending design is the first steerable system, finally allowing full control to get your passenger into position without the usual shoves, snags, back-injuries or high liability potential of overruns associated with winches.

The BL-7317 Docking Base EZ LOCK

The enhanced BL-7317 Docking Base is a product of our more than twenty years of research and hands-on experience.  The basic design is based on the time and street proven performance of the BL-6290 Docking Base with the addition of advanced features that promote a longer service life as well as simplifying routine maintenance.

  • Hardened Steel Reinforcement
  • Detachable Locking Mechanism for Maintenance & Service
  • Accepts the Optional Remote Cable Release
  • Durable Powder Coated Finish
  • Includes the Dependable ECU-3 Electronics Package


Q-Straint maintains its high level of customer service and product quality simply by being the only company in the world that produces wheelchair and occupant securement systems exclusively. Since safety has always been a top priority at Q-Straint, their research and engineering along with industry experience were used to establish industry standards for dynamic crash testing and static testing.


The QRT MAX is the latest generation of self-locking, self-tensioning retractable wheelchair securement systems. This fully automatic retractor provides a variety of innovative features which maximize ease of use and ensure passenger safety.

Features and benefits include:

  • Knobless, One-Handed Operation – No knobs to interfere with wheels and footrests and eliminates confusion as to whether additional tightening is required
  • Automatic, Self-Locking – Allows easy, one-handed hook-up of wheelchairs
  • Self-Tensioning – No manual tensioning required. Retractors automatically take up ‘slack’ to ensure wheelchair passenger is always secured
  • Positive Lock Indicator – Patented feature clearly indicates when fitting is locked in anchorage (L-track application only)
  • Interchangeable – Eliminates confusion; no right, left, front or rear locations
  • Low Profile & Compact – No mounting bracket allows retractors to fit under most footrests
  • Accommodates Larger Wheelchairs – Reduced overall retractor length leaves more room for wheelchairs
  • Universal Design – Accommodates virtually all wheelchair designs, including scooters
  • Durable – Constructed from hardened steel and coated in zinc for maximum corrosion resistance
  • J-Hook  – Reduces twisting of belts and ensures proper securement with a quarter turn accommodating virtually all wheelchair designs
  • Foot Release Lever – Easy release eliminates the need to bend down


When designing the QLK-150 from the ground up, Q-Straint set our to redefine a few things. Freedom, for instance, is not just traveling from one place to another but rather the confidence to do so. Confidence to cross thresholds, to navigate various conditions, to go anywhere. QLK-150 was created for maximum flexibility in every unique situation.

Features and benefits include:

  • Extensive crash testing
  • Flush surface
  • Reduced footprint
  • Slim and flexible dash control
  • Tapered Channel
  • Sleep function
  • Low current draw
  • Reduced electrical components
  • Screw-terminal connectors
  • Plug and play serviceability
  • Eco-friendly steel coating
  • Removable cover
  • Lowest/highest clearance
  • Overtorque protection
  • Heat-treatment


Adding the DOR to a QLK system amounts to a new level of safety, security, independence and convenience. DOR’s pivoting arms move forward as you enter with your power chair, providing you with the right lap belt angles every time.

DOR works with:

  • Open Armrest Wheelchairs
  • Fixed Armrest Wheelchairs
  • OEM Seats
  • OEM Shoulder Belt

Features and benefits include:

  • Exclusive power wheelchair design
  • 30MPH/20G crash testing
  • Easy, value-preserving vehicle installation
  • Pivoting arms for perfect angles
  • Belt adaptability for open and close armrests
  • Convenient OEM belt attachment
  • Easy-to-manage buckle ends with integrated belt stiffeners
  • Removable panel