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Recommended Wheelchair Vehicles for Tall People

Tall people need extra thought beyond the basics when searching for or purchasing a new vehicle. The same applies to wheelchair users. Whether you want to drive or just be a passenger in your vehicle, you must select a vehicle with enough headroom to guarantee a comfortable ride. Here are our recommendations for the best wheelchair vehicles for tall individuals.

Ideal vehicle styles to choose from

Finding a vehicle for a tall person isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially when that individual is a wheelchair user. You must consider factors like headroom, legroom, windshield height, moonroofs and sunroofs, and outboard mirror adjustments. Luckily, there are various wheelchair vehicle styles to choose from, whether you are interested in a wheelchair van, an SUV, or a full-size truck. Check out our recommendations below, and view our inventory to find the right vehicle for you. 

XT Minivans

If you’re looking for a vehicle with enough headroom and legroom, then XT wheelchair-accessible vans are your best bet. The XT wheelchair vans offer additional headroom and more wheelchair maneuverability space. 

For instance, the Dodge/Chrysler Power XT side entry is one of the most popular wheelchair vehicles in the industry. The vehicle has extra headroom — 56.5″ clearance through the doorway and up to 61″ inside the van. As a result, the vehicle is ideal for scooters and taller wheelchair users. Another option is the Toyota XT side entry conversion minivan. It has a 56″ door clearance through the doorway and an interior height of 60″ at the center of the van.

The Chrysler Pacifica XT wheelchair van is also an excellent option and popular choice with customers, with 57″ of usable door height and 60″ of interior height at both the center of the van and at the driver/passenger position for a comfortable ride.

Chevrolet Traverse

Most SUVs come with enough headroom for tall wheelchair users. However, the Chevrolet Traverse is built specifically for the tall wheelchair passenger and driver and is among the most spacious SUVs in the industry.

The SUV features a door opening usable height of 54.5″ at the middle of the door. This allows the tall wheelchair user to easily enter the car without difficulty. Moreover, the interior height at the center of the vehicle and the driver and passenger positions are 59″ and 58″, respectively, allowing for a more comfortable ride for tall wheelchair users and passengers. 

ATC Trucks

Trucks are also an ideal choice for tall wheelchair users seeking a comfortable ride that maybe want more vehicle capabilities than a van or SUV. They offer adequate headroom and legroom at the center of the truck, the driver, and the passenger positions.

ATC usually converts standard full-size trucks into wheelchair-accessible trucks. Moreover, the truck can be converted per your needs and specifications, and they can convert any truck made from 2008 forward. An example of an ATC converted truck for tall wheelchair users include the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD. This truck has a door opening of 52.5″, allowing for easy navigation into the truck. ATC can also convert other models of trucks and SUVs, including GMC Sierra, 1500, 2500, and 3500, Chevy Suburban, Chevy Traverse, and more.

Find your ideal wheelchair-accessible vehicle

Tall wheelchair users always have a more difficult time finding a perfect vehicle that suits their condition and needs, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have options. The goal is to find a wheelchair-accessible vehicle with adequate headroom and door opening height. With that in mind, there are many options to explore, including XT wheelchair vans, SUVs like the Chevrolet Traverse, and ATC full-size trucks.

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