New School Buses

  • LH Side 1
    2016 Chevrolet CollinsPrice: Call
    2016 Collins bus body complete with a new 2015 chassis, CDL not required, Freedman high back vinyl activity seats, Heated mirrors, Stainless steel equipment rack, Gray floor,
    Mileage: 500Capacity: 14+DriverStock Number: 70501

  • RH Side Lift Door Open
    2016 Chevrolet CollinsPrice: Call
    Capacity of 18+1 W/C or 12+2 W/C, Braun wheelchair lift, Track seating on LH side, Gray fireblock upholstery, Heated mirrors, Push-out windows, Emergency roof escape hatch,
    Mileage: 500Capacity: 18+1W/C or 12+2 W/CStock Number: 70504