Multi-Function School Activity Buses


When you’re transporting children, the quality and safety of the vehicle you are using is paramount. Southern Bus and Mobility is proud to offer industry leading MFSAB with a variety of customizable features and options. All of Southern Bus and Mobility’s MFASB options meet Multi-Function School Activity Bus standards.From pre-school to high school, our multi-function school activity bus provide unmatched versatility and freedom with six unique floor configurations and optional flat floor.

Body Model



CST-Chevrolet 139 WB/DRW-“MFSAB” Activity Bus, Standard Floor/ Ambulatory/Body 4+9

Chassis Model



GMC Savanna Cutaway, 6.0 Gasoline, DRW/159WB – 14, 2000 GVWR

Transtech MFSAB


Step treads, For two step step-well ribbed black rubber with white nosing
Interior ceiling panels, pre-painted white aluminum
Floor rubber, black
Mirror, interior rear view 6” X 16”


Rub rails, Seat level & Floor level (Seat level wrap around rear)
Mirrors, Crossover rosco mini Hawkeye
Mirrors, Side view rosco Eurostle, black brackets for GM

Safety Equipment:

Back up alarm, 97 Decibel
Hold open device, Rear emergency door. Required on school bus & MFSAB
3 point latch, Rear emergency door. Required on school bus & MFSAB
Grab rail, Full length stainless steel attached to barrier and to step well

Paint and Lettring:

Paint exterior, Summit white
Decals, “Emergency Door” Black with black arrow on outside “Emergency Exit” Black with red arrow inside
Decals, “To Open” Black letters on inside and outside of emergency door
Decal, “Trans Tech” Logo in rear of bus
Decal, “Trans Tech” Logo on each side of bus on roofline
Reflective tape, Yellow surrounding emergency door
Decal, “School Bus” Black letter ext roof caps