The Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country are the best-selling minivans in the world, so of course they would be the cornerstones of the AutoAbility rear-entry van fleet. Their superb handling and ride quality, coupled with their top-of-class fuel economy and dependability, make Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country superb choices for any wheelchair van customer. Our Caravans and Town & Countrys can be configured in either long or short-cut floor, with a variety of seating configurations to fit each individual customer’s needs and preferences.

The AutoAbility rear-entry conversion is also available on the Toyota Sienna platform. The Sienna is the product of years of quality engineering by one of the most reliable vehicle brands in the world. Superb fuel economy, a reputation for unmatched reliability, and technologically advanced safety features put the Toyota Sienna at the top of the list for wheelchair van conversion and mobility candidates. AutoAbility is proud to offer the Toyota Sienna in both long and short-cut models.

  • Every vehicle design is crash tested and meets or exceeds all FMVSS and CMVSS requirements as well as ADA and DOT specifications
  • First 34” wide useable ramp in the industry
  • First 35” wide useable ramp opening in the industry
  • Fits 99% of all wheelchairs and scooters
  • Tallest ramp entry edges in the industry, over 4” for added safety
  • Over 100,000 mile endurance testing in New York City taxi service
  • Larger gauge, lighter but stronger steel alloy, helps keep structural integrity of the chassis
  • First stainless steel fuel cell and skid plate for superior protection (long cut vans)
  • First retractable wheelchair restraint system conveniently located out of the way in side wall pockets
  • Built in crumple zones echoing OEM
  • 100% weight compliant
  • Manufacturer mobility rebates and financial assistance available