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2011 Ford E-150 W/ Ricon Klearway Lift

Chassis specs: 5.4L V-8 engine; 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive; LT 225/75 R16 tires; 16” aluminum wheels; 800 cca battery; Remote keyless entry; Power windows; Power door locks; Power remote mirrors; Tilt wheel; Cruise control; Front and rear air conditioning and heating; AM-FM stereo with CD player and Microsoft Sync Technology, digital clock and front and rear speakers; Illuminated sun visors with mirrors; Front bucket seats, with power driver’s seat;  Passenger side swing doors with windows; Rear swing doors with windows; Front cup holder with storage tray; Tinted rear bay windows; Shades for rear windows; Individual interior/reading lights; Full length running board on passenger side; Running board by front door only on driver’s side. Mobility Specs: Ricon Klearway fully automatic wheelchair lift with Split Platform to allow access to the rear compartment (29½” x 47” usable platform); Lifting Capacity of 600 lbs. 48” vertical clearance at the rear entry Q’Straint Retractable tiedown belts

Stock Number Cons
Price $11,500
Year 2011
Chassis Type Ford
Passenger Capacity 4+1
Mileage 68,000
Fuel Gas
Engine 5.4L V-8
Brakes 4-Wheel ABS
Transmission Automatic
Warranty See dealer for details